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most of the sum from the crumble
shell rocks In a jar at rockstar jungle
the cops are the enemy, hAbiB's the akbar
jock for identity, what does he cock for?
at a mach or more you're still slower
after the shot if you're still sober
the gift done spilled over
my lisp a little slower
he into covert hizzop hozzop
since his own birth i wrote rhymes instead of homework
look at me now, my mental slate
just slave me to the pen
i like this state
just slave me to the pen
just erase me
never been
i ever was dope
i think it look better cuz
with the show done got me cooked and hooked on better drugs
whatever he was gonna be i admit
the better the grudge the better the intent
we the pimps
we the two-bit hustler
slang talking
it's the show get used to it
young in love putting the strap on his waist
and he keeps smoking the fire til it blackens his face
i'ma keep quoting the times
stop attacking my race
we the spoken messiah
the keynoted town crier
we floated off the semen a little higher
we getting wrote-off
he took his coat off
nuff for the street

time to peep my sky
how you like my skyline?
so i guess my time in
could never get me in when my time's out?
how the fuck my depression become an incentive?
and they frisk every ninja that i come in with
early morning i'm in front of cameras blunt in my lip
megas talk real, but they ain't got the stomach for this
but he bought steel
still he know is hunger a risk
his heart feel it's part ill
industry narcville
still he feel they plotting on his hungry
a $100 t-shirt and cotton ain't gettin money?
we on new plantations with whips
the horse is the white powder the sniff
i don't just fight
i fight for the power and myth
i'm '89 realigned with the life in the brick
if the pipe hit much better
she walk with her head up rocking the dirty sweater
we all knew her some time ago
i thought he'd pursue her
the show's starting here we go
the ho’s stroll darted from the po's
he got a wife but loves to see them broads on a pole
i could bargain and roll
you take this money for a good soul
i take it dunny like to fake it
mistaken for a good flow
but no it's nothing but the truth looped in tempo
far beyond the booth, the art and clothes
i rise but the skyline’s as far as it goes



from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ hAbiB



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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