Reaper Doesn't Wait

from by starklove



one man's floor
one man's ceiling
positive thoughts
negative feelings
stress and love and sex and war
god and drugs and death and whores
hope and pain and strength and gains
contextual frames and mind games
trips and traps and mental snaps
blisters, blood, hugs and love taps
forced relapse from clasped synapse
fallin back on old habits
can't hack it
still can't grow past it
fuckin tragic last thoughts
"don't turn it off" because
there's just not enough time left
to continue to live in compromising positions
compromising my ambitions
the final edition
the final call so listen

the reaper doesn't wait
might as well face fate
or turn fate around
about face and take the weight

like taking the stairs in my building
i hope i make it down
and if you make a sound
if you’re really prepared for the feeling
i broke the dutch on down and spread the guts around
homie looked dead but he chillin
watching a fucked up civilian
a faint smell
hit him in the ill wind
it won’t restrain for the powder
but the powder magic
make him reappear again
grim weird
scratch my beard thin
work recurring
you’re stuck paying arrears again
so my years are running thin
like the front under my brim
what you want?
money again
money again?
let me begin from the top
what if we started from the end
since my soul stays warm should i stop?
you could say my imagination’s fuckin up the block



from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ hAbiB and DJ D-Styles



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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