Melophobia Redux

from by starklove



all day and night, cowering in fear
can't help but fear
the end must be near
the music is bleeding
through the wall
can't see where it's leading
drags me down
deep into my core
seeps into my pores
speaking foreign words
so familiar they'll kill you
fear of music
i couldn't sing a different tune if i could choose it
can't get away from music, but can't get too close to it
there's no room for me
but music won't let me be
passing cars
doubled-over passed out at bars
get nauseous from muzak in supermarkets
can't ride in elevators!
dj pull back the fader!
i can't take it!!
i'm fuckin going crazy!!!

it wasn't always like this
music once my muse
a mistress i abused
she came back with a vengeance
speaking loud, but no sense so music became senseless
now everything's the same
every song on the radio's the same
every record i hear sounds the same
dug beneath the surface, but even there felt worthless
an underground fractured
record snobs, burnt-out ravers and backpackers
drag myself back to home
bombarded by garbage pouring out of cars and bodegas
don't get me started
ipods and boomboxes
any joint the dj drops is obnoxious
anything to stop this!
finally asked god for help
the choir drove me away
guess i can't even be saved


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ Dirty Elegance and DJ D-Styles



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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