Insufficient Funds

from by starklove



(Big Pep)
i'm a victim of society
son they lied to me
they told me i could be as rich as i tried to be
man tried bribery
chanced with the lottery
everything from nine-to-five to strong arm robbery
ain't nothing stopping me if i think logically
i could get money across the board like monopoly
that's the way it's supposed to be but these cat's is holding me
praying i don't make it while they’re clinging to their rosary
they wanna kill me cause they know ain't no controlling me
but i'm quick enough to not let em get close to me
on point i could see them all approaching me
like they bout to try and put one over me
they run and hide when the thetherkness hits
but everything you do in the dark will soon come into the light again
and ain't no where that you can run n hide we runnin by
with automatic semi's tellin you to hold yo hands up high

get em up hit em up move em out
load it up cock it back shoot it out
these are hard times i'm on a hard grind
don't slip and get get caught on the wrong side
get em up hit em up move em out
load it up cock it back shoot it out
i'ma burn it down i'ma rip it up
on the strenth all i got is insufficient funds

if i learned early life ain't fair then why should i care
they treat me like a bum when they stop and they stare
like they never saw somebody who was down on there luck
every penny that i got is my styrofoam cup
i'm tryin to add to it, i take nickels n dimes
aluminum cans i'm collecting whatever i find
i'm at the off ramp holdin a sign
but don't nobody wanna help me out because they think i'm prone to get high
i just wish i could die you ain't feelin my pain
i ain't got nothin to lose and nothin to gain
i ain't got nothin to get nothin to give
i'm even comin up short on a reason to live
i wanna take time and go back
but the laws of nature say that i can't
nobody is given a 2nd chance it's hard to advance
when hittin rock bottom wasn't part of the plans

i'd sit alone with the heat pressed against my brain
tryin to find a way to stop this relentless pain
a rebel without a cause up against the grain
cause i'm the king of the castle up in this domain
i tried but it's hard to resist the game
it's crazy cause somehow i'm convinced i'm sane
but some people don't see things the way i do
that just means they don't comprehend the way i move
i ain't fresh off the boat i done paid my dues
turned my back for a second they changed the rules
now they say it's ok for you to blaze your tool
but it's wrong if i pull out and aim at you
flame at you and let you feel the heat
for all the nights i went hungry then went to sleep
but now they got me in the gate and i'ma break the game
with more fire and more desire than rick james



from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ Big Pep and DJ D-Styles



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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