Third Person

from by starklove



a lighter touch
a heavier weapon
he wants answers
keeps getting more questions
his day's spent trying to pay rent
up late nights til daylight
wondering where his days went
his credit's maxed out
enough cards, not a thing still
his portfolio's in a jar and it jingles
don't call him a packrat
he's more of a collector
souvenirs of yesteryears
yes, they're here
trapped in the mines for a month and a day
spat all his lines left with nothing to say
threw it all away
i pity the bastard
all that work in the trash sure is nervous
sometimes it feels like he'll never finish
all these blemishes
can't compromise perfection
is it doubts that he has that really hold him back?
or can he not see the future for the past?

if he knew then
what he knows now
would he do then
what he knows now
was the wrong thing to do?
reflected the truth
any less than third person's the wrong point of view

he might not never learn the law
but if he do his temper stays to iffy to let him draw
what the world got against him?
as if he was never born
i know that trife-ass mega
his rhymes ain’t really raw
with them big words he’s using
the substances he’s abusing
does he really talk how he’s living?
or just giving what he saw?
yo i don’t trust his position
is he with us or against us?
plus he stutters when talk
his walk reminds me of a bad western
i heard he likes to fuck with weapons
most nights see him at the intersections
where the planets meet the pavement
he from newark so we expected it
but why’s he so heavy in that slave shit
he ride transit like he own it
never made no money off the mic since he could hold it
he’s original
we’re all cloning


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ hAbiB and DJ D-Styles



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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