They Chat Breeze

from by starklove



state of the industry

sweating to death
nevertheless i'm better than dead
collapsed my lung
son there's sweat on my breath
claustrophobic in a crowd
not so stoic is it now?
god you know i figured it out
lost it though it's in the clouds
slipped my mind
i slip sometimes
but i trust that there's still time left
to pick this thing up out the dust
time to roll on them
tried to be civil but got no hold on them
spilled my guts
and poured my whole soul on them
still they can't get on my level
tell me to seckle
better to sweat though
than to deal with these devils
can't take the heartache
- i get hurt
watching cnn
become the cartoon network
while clear channels
sell stereotypes and souls
leave a boardroom full of holes
stolen souls
broken bones sticks and stones
they're making a mockery
of every memory i own

they chat breeze man
don't even believe them
why lie?
what's the reason why
they chat breeze man


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010



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starklove New York, New York

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