The Most Dangerous Thing in the World

from by starklove



this is the final call
minus all mixed messages, red herrings and sedatives
i hope you can deal with that
i hope you can deal with facts
the fact is…
what works in theory often fails in practice
woke up this morning felt the earth shift on its axis
went to sleep bleeding tears in the mattress
can’t seem to get past this

(Jenny Klock)
there's a love that's growing
i can feel it rising
and i hate not knowing
if it's strong enough
or strong at all
but life keeps on going
endlessly cyclings
every day spent hoping
this day is the day the fear will fall

(Mr. Merlin)
you lurk inside me
everytime I look around you’re right behind me
you’re my mirror
and I can’t stand my reflection
i search for truth, but all i see is deception
a world without you is what i need
no more seeds, my garden is overrun with weeds
how did i ever let you push me this far?
all that's left is bruises and scars
you are the lifeline that feeds me darkness and pain
tears followed by rain
has made every day the same
you've driven me insane, but at least you drove me somewhere
left me for dead
chest open and bare
you can't control me and you can't hold me
i am now in a place where you can no longer mold me
your death will be fast as twice as your birth
you can't control me i have proven my worth



from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ Mr. Merlin, Sarah Tracey and Dan Venne (of Cougar)



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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