Snakes in the Grass

from by starklove



(Big Pep)
ayo these dudes is talking reckless
like they know me
c’mon homie you know you ain’t got nothing for me
i push the whip sitting on 22’s
you’re pushin 22 sitting on your momma’s stoop
we ain’t the same breed
you ain’t in my league
i’m mach-eight out this bitch
you ain’t catching me
you ain’t stretching me
you don’t threaten me
you talk big but ain’t a bit of it impressing me
big pep
dirty jerz
get it down now
i got a buzz now these people wanna crowd around
chicks running up just to pull my trowsers down
and shake hands with the champ
and try to get a round

(watch your step)
cuz there's snakes in the grass
slither straight in your path to put a blade in ya back
not makin it back
got you locked in a tight spot
you might think you understand it but you might not
it's a rat race run at a fast pace
these rat bastards wanna push you back to last place
so they cut corners
cut throats
cut off all hope of you making it off the ropes
so careful who you trust
they thrive on your belief in trust
use it to truss you up
they couldn't be more devious
life is do or die
not you or i
we're past that
don't kid yourself… backstabbers get stabbed back


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ Big Pep and DJ D-Styles



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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