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(Sarah Tracey)
how can it be?
they don't know?
they don't know?
all of these years?
they don't know?
they don't know?
tell you what it is
they don't know
they don't know
everything is rigged
now you know
now you know

(Big Pep)
i’m addicted to life
i’m addicted to drugs
i’m addicted to hate
i’m addicted to love
everything in my life’s fucked up
i wanna bang out like the crips and the bloods
but i can’t cuz i gotta maintain
but i will if you don’t respect my game
i got a whole lotta pain inside
and that’s the reason why i get high, right?
i dunno man
can’t call it
i’m burnt out plus i’m an alcoholic
two strikes against me • come and get me
but if i go some of y’all are coming with me
i chase henny with shots of whiskey
shit b, i got more bills than bixbie
this be the truth i raise my hand to god
on one knee and ask how my life is hard?
oh babyso crazy
i’ma do what i do don’t hate me
ain’t nobody perfect
who are you to judge me?
you either take me as i come but don’t love me
don’t hug me
don’t touch me
don’t test me
don’t stress me
so focused yet so hopeless
cut me open i can show you where the dope is
right here man
all year man
i got love for the weed and the beer man
get it clear man
somebody had me convinced
that my dreams were in the bottom of that beercan
but i’m still here offa sheer perseverance
break my pride
but can’t break my spirit
duct tape his mouth shut
tie his hands and feet up
head back to the hut and roll that weed up


how the fuck do you think we even got this far?
my last twenty bucks dropped at the bar
into something, it's no good… but what isn't?
good things become no good with too much of it
illicit substances
girls with no substance and late nights, rough days
can't get enough of it
i'm past that now
on second thoughts, pass that down
i'll take one for the road
but then i gotta go
can't just say no
no patience
get bad vibrations
get the breath knocked out my chest
can't sleep, can't rest
can't not get depressed
the way they push stress
extinction agendas
you know the means where the fuck you think we'll end up?
the send up's the whole thing's a set up
your greatest desire's your greatest demise
but these bald faced liars keep telling me differently
questioning me
why can't I simply see?
is it just me?
or could it be the whole thing's rigged up?



from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ Big Pep, Sarah Tracey, Mr. Merlin and DJ D-Styles



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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