Life in Samsara

from by starklove



i swear to god
the fucking pentagon reads my IMs
feds intercept my texts
to detect where i am
and everybody's watching me
through cameras and peepholes
undercover agency moles
pretending to be people
covert ops
cops can't be trusted
wars on "terruh"
terrible inevitable destruction
a false god's revelations
scrawled on senseless pages
pagan faiths for the faithless
pagan deaths for the nameless
a thin line
between civilization and chaos
and it's starting to feel
like we may cross it
nuclear holylands stand
and stare each other down
shots in the desert
in the streets
the playgrounds
stay down
some days i don't want to get up
remind myself
there's reasons to not let up
life in samsara
too easy forgetting truths
venoms mirror wisdoms
don't let these poisons
get the best of you

it's just energy gone wrong
wisdom spoiled rotten
deaths died in vain
lives lived forgotten
minds killed stalking
truths that can't be hunted
shoot at every hunter
growth grown stunted
devolution disguised as evolution
let's get this straight
there's no place for confusion
reality is NOT illusion
but the truth is it's contaminated
with illusory pollution
knowing this still my worst fears haunt me
is this paranoia
or justified paranoia?
hold ya voice up
ECHELON's listening
don't even whisper, think or breathe dissent
the thought police believe that
what they don't believe is treasonous
black helicopters stalk me
still i walk these blocks see
you can't keep a free man down
you can't snuff a free mind out
but if these poisons overcome us
we might be wiped out

left cash-strapped when the coffers
for the black helicopters passed
you paid that tax
get your dollar back!
ground-to-air wisdom
products of the system
dismantle systems
unplug from the visions
freedom is yours
consciousness is not just this
there's back doors and ways out
ways to get back pure
escape the cycle kill-at-will
escape your fuckin cubicles
society boxed in
society locked in
they got us right where they want us
but not much longer
you gotta understand
these addictions, delusions,
obsessions, persecutions,
oppressions, submissions
are all corrupt visions of wisdom
turned inside out
we have to learn to get right now
before these poisons
eat us alive from the inside out


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ Dirty Elegance



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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