Last Night

from by starklove



(Big Pep)
woke up in the morning
damn near lost my mind
wishing i was blind
somebody tried to rob me for mine
ain't trying to see this
recalling events of last evening
in the park dolo
sipping the nectar of the demons
the sector i was leaning
had a chick squatting
a dutch between two fingers
head bopping to her ipod
she thinks i'm talking
i'm styling for free
but she took off her headphones
and started smiling at me
now she's coming over
nice dimensions
walking slightly swishing
turned around
it sure was worth hittin
mad giddy
already twisted off a fifth of henny
taking guesses
on was she walking up to get me
she's next to me
and act quick
i think of sex
and let her hold my brown bag
and hit her with 20 questions
like what's your name?
where you from?
where you going?
can i get a few pulls
off that dutch you been holding?
you're bullshitting
if you rolled it gotta smoke it
she told me my aggressive nature had her eye on me
she had another dime but was short on a dutch
we copped two
headed to the rest and kicked our feet up
we're vibin
watching films on the projected ceiling
feeling the hen
the way you got my shirt peelin off my body
her scent in the air
let me know her stuff was soggy
plus i'm ready to pump like a shotty

last night
this chick thought she caught me sleeping
but i'm ready cuz i know how freaks
come out on the weekend
last night
this chick's game was out of order
as i watched every move she made
on my tape recorder

it's all too much to absorb
my head is in between the jaws
as she's illin on the floor
debating should i hit raw?
i think i better strap up
cuz i don't know her
from a hole in the wall
went to the bathroom
for a couple rubbers
couldn't believe
what the tape uncovered
as i watched
my body shuttered
it revealed how she slipped a pill
in the remainder of my spill
and in my crib
this bitch got ill
continue footage
here's where it gets good
it's 3 o'clock in the morning
and this hooker found my goodness
lighting up my dutches
as she fumbled through my drawers
dropping ashes on my back
as i'm spread on the floor
picking up the phone to make a call
as i seen every number she hit
before she put the phone back on the wall
20 minutes later 3 dudes walked in
tools with a push truck
like they're about to start moving
loading up my tv
carried out my sofa
the biggest ninja
strapped my dresser on his shoulders
i only got a few minutes
before this tape is over
she had to know
that i would hunt her when i'm sober
and when i catch her
better be ready with the stretcher
just for having the gall to walk out rockin my leather
and as for them megas she's with
they're all foul
cuz the bitch left their number
on my redial


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010
w/ Big Pep



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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