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my life is too real, my brain filters it out
dilutes it
i can't figure it out
so i use mind expansion to find enhancement
and push the envelope
this world, this garbage
all this shit's pathetic
but i bet it'd just fall away if i let it
i lit it, i hit it, i flipped my fuckin biscuit
and the next thing i knew people got distant
hell's on earth, but heaven's in your mind
but you wouldn't understand
white clouds in heaven like white clouds in my spoon
try not to get consumed by white walls in my room
if you wait to be saved then you wait forever
i burn my lips on hot glass for a taste of heaven
and it's the same [INAUDIBLE]
i swear to god to this day paradise is a [INAUDIBLE]
but basic fact states i had to face it
is life a masquerade of lasting pain lain wasted?
or can we change it?

you had me believing
that i could be something
then left me standing here
holding on to nothing
it can't be all or nothing
you can't see how i'm suffering
struggling to be right
while being left
with nothing
fuck that!
you don't even know me
nobody knows me
i don't even know me
but i know together
we progress…


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010



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starklove New York, New York

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