Getting Past Airport Security

from by starklove



i hate when you stall me
when all i got’s a quarter ounce of collie
and yeah there's also that gram of molly
but with this shit i couldn't highjack a trolly
yo what the fuck?
these dogs are sniffing for drugs
not sniffing for bombs
when this is out of my hands
but it's still my problem
all their fault
not my schism
but if you're living in fear
then you’re just not living
the world didn't change
you just woke up
coked up presidents and big guns
don't mix well
especially when it sits well
with citizens that sit well
staring at their fake news
take you for example
looking through my bags
you’re not gonna find it
you didn't last time
if it's it i'll do time
it's a risk but it's mine
your laws are outdated
been out since ‘38
in 2001 no future
but what passed is
you failed at your task
if you'd been looking for these bastards
not how i get blasted
perhaps it wouldn't have happened?
they don't search me on amtrak
but a redeye from bc it’s easy getting a free man trapped
caught in the man trap
legal eagles who entrap me
just what happened
to we the people pursue happiness?

your drug policy's a fallacy
it's all i see
I got no beef still k9s follow me
not democracy
understand hipocracy
uncle scam him oughta be
taking his hands off of me
the cia put crack in the cities
then went MIA when it came back to the kiddies
loose on playgrounds
goose duck duck
stay down
cartels don't play around
they spray rounds
a life in fear of monsters you created
drug lords you made and bugged whores with AIDS
and you wonder why i wanna be sedated?
made it out through the gate
safe and sound too
it's straight up pound foolish but pennywise
you can fly the friendly skies on henny ice
but not any vice
choosing my pastime's a choice to get harrassed
i'm lucky so far
there's always a last time

got me standing in a back room
the wrong time
all you wanna do is turn that screw and uncork me
take it if you want it then
now that you've found what counts
had half a mind to take half an ounce and have no doubts
if it was cabot house you wouldn't give a fuck
but because i prefer to puff i get cuffed?
it's a fucked up way to live
i can eat mcdonald's until i die but i can't get high?
it's unconstitutional
constitutes treason
i'm lucky that lawyers retain retainers for a reason
my last call's bleeding
my last quarter out of me
why didn't i leave that last quarter ounce
and let it be
getting me stressed out
i need to make a call
i'm no criminal
you need a wake up call
because if war is hell
a drug war is hell
counsellor, i'm at security and i need help


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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