BK is the Tundra

from by starklove



i hate how you live
like it's the dark ages
fuck AIDS
ignorance kills more
plus it's way more contagious
face it
you see life in black and white
you can't globalize
your grasp on the past's too tight
but it's about time that we change that fact
move forward cuz we can't backtrack
you wanna go back like a fuckin sad sack
then we'll leave youfor dead in the past
that's that
eye for an eye muthafucka
that's that
racists with their face split
that's that
biggots get their heads splitted
that's that
corrupt cops tasting their own blackjacks
cuz brooklyn is the tundra
it's a blank slate
the real melting pot
a last shot for the human race
this is the future
i'm out here to be closer to it
and leave the past in ruins
cuz that's all it's doing
estonians and jamaicans
hasidics and heathens
human beings are alive and breathing
no need to divide
divisions dilute the meanings
this is raw freedom
nothing left to lose
this is our freedom
nothing left but truth
they take all our freedoms
what the fuck do we do?
you better get up and do something


from desiderata, released October 20, 2010



all rights reserved


starklove New York, New York

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